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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 1, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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with exploseives and took hostages at the discovery channel, police snipers shot him dead. >> we have new information about his past and more on his bizarre demands. this is 9news now. >> right now, police are inside that building searching for any more suspicious items, including guns and bombs. we have just learned officers have already detonated three devices. >> as you can see from the video live from the scene, the building, still an active crime scene. we don't know when things will get back to normal in downtown silver springs where things are still blocked off. i arrived on the scene just before 2:00 this afternoon. >> i need all pedestrians to clear the block immediately. >> imagine a neighborhood you drive through every day, literally locked down, blocked off and bubbling with barely
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contained chaos, but we couldn't confirm at the time, but just about an hour earlier at 1:00 p.m., he walked through the front door waving a gun and taking hostages. laura fontan, e was one of the 100 discovery workers on the streets. i was right nearby when these very young people were escorted from the discovery day care center, still details were scarce. what we did know was that the 1900 discovery workers were by that time almost all out of the building, along with hundreds of others from that neighborhood. it would be 3:15 before we got the first formal statement from the mt police. >> we had what we believed to be explosive devices strapped to his front and back. he also had a hand gun. there are reports that we've not confirmed yet that he did fire a
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shot when he came in. he took three people hostage. >> i didn't know it then, but lee, it turns out, was a radical environmentalist with a long history of problems with discovery. then at 5:00, montgomery's police chief said it was all over. >> the suspect was shot by police officers, all the hostages are safe and are out of the building. at this point, we are still -- it's still an operation -- a joint operation between the police and fire rescue, because there are other suspected devices in the building that have not been rendered safe. >> and we now know those tactical teams of montgomery county police after they fired down lee and had been there four hours. it was basically four, almost
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surreal hours, and the ramifications still unfolding. >> absolutely at this hour, and we've been getting more information surrounding the deadly standoff at that building. we have team coverage from people who knew james lee. you just talked with the police on more on how those hostages were freed in the final moments. >> reporter: just moments ago, one of the hostages wanted us to read a statement. quote, first of all, i want to thank the montgomery county police and all the agencies for helping to ensure the safety of all my colleagues at the discovery county communications and for helping get me and my colleagues out safely. i especially want to thank discovery for their support. at this time because the criminal investigation is still ongoing, i will have no further comments regarding the events of this afternoon, but i thank you
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all for your concern during these heroing hours. the statement from jim mcnatty put out by discovery communications. their moment did not end the moment they were free. they were brought to the silver county spring police station after their ordeal. >> we want the opportunity to talk to them and find out what they know, what happened, and what can they tell us. >> reporter: discovery executives met with the hostages here but said little. >> how are your guys. >> everyone's great. we're thankful. everyone's great, really, truly. >> will you let us talk to them? we're interested in how they are. >> we're doing great, thanks. >> reporter: police gave more details on how the hostages were free. >> the members of the emergency response team that were posted outside of the discovery building heard one of two things. they thought they may have heard a gun shot or they may have
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heard a device detonating. at that point, a decision was made that there would be an emergency assault on the lobby of that building. as they were running in, the hostages were running out. they engaged the suspects, he was shot and killed. >> it is honestly the hostages whose lives were at greatest risk but hundreds of other lives were disrupted by what happened today. andrea mckaren has been talk tog many of those people and joins us with what she's learned. >> reporter: the discovery building behind me is still an active crime scene. we heard what sounds like detonations coming from the building tonight. the bomb squad is still working the scene, looking for exploseives, guns and amunitions the suspect may have left behind. three elevator workers were on the roof of the discovery building when they heard the sound of gun fire. >> next thing we know we heard a
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couple of gun shots so we hid. >> reporter: what went through your mind. >> get back in the building. >> it was pretty frightening. >> like something like that but it was a higher pitch. >> reporter: students nearby at the everest college heard the gun shots too. >> i heard like pellets or a guy with a bee bee gun or something because it was loud but not so loud. >> reporter: loc restaurants became a temporary refuge for workers and other neighboring buildings. they couldn't retrieve their belongings and in many cases couldn't get to their cars parked in the discovery building garage. >> my vehicle is in the loading dock so we can't get to them. they won't let us near the building. >> no one has been allowed back in the building or garage to retrieve their vehicles. an interesting foot note to this story, social media, particularly facebook, proved to be a valuable tool during this crisis.
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discovery employees let their friends and family know they were out of the building and safe. derrick. >> thank you. now, one big question on everyone's mind tonight, who was this guy james lee and why the heck did he do what he did? lindsey massis talked to people who knew him. >> i knew him as being a nice person and he was against animal cruelty. >> reporter: some of the men that knew lee when he was homeless say he was extremely passionate about his beliefs. >> he just don't like the way they treat animals. >> reporter: they say he was kind and cared about animals but lee's 1100 manifesto outlined different demands. save the planet was his website, all demanded discovery and focused on getting rid of pollutants. to lee, those pollutants are people. all programs on discovery house
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tlc, quote, must stop discouraging the birth of any more human parasittic infants. human infertility must be pushed. he said he worked at discovery five years and says he was there when lee was arrested in 2008. >> at that time, it was never a threat of any violence, but you got the impression that he wasn't stable. >> reporter: marcus heller says he filmed this youtube video of people running around. he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and littering. some say lee also paid people to protest with him. this man says lee once paid him $50 to read the book, my ishmale. >> it was about a gorilla that could speak. >> reporter: lee refers to that book in his manifesto.
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did lee's demands come into play in the negotiations, we don't know, because police won't say. he was sentenced to spend time in a mental institution back in 2008, but reports show he didn't, and instead, he spent a couple weeks in jail and was released on supervised projection. that probation ended two weeks ago. >> just two weeks ago. thank you. when does a person's mental instability and mental dilutions become a warning. they were aware of his extreme views and criticism of their channel but didn't consider him a threat. here's peggy desenso, a licensed counselor in virginia. did we have any concrete warning signs when somebody's going to go from extreme thinking or posting things on the internet to posting something violent. >> we do sometimes. it depends on the person and one of the problems with this kind of person and this extreme
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situation is often times these people are isolated so there may not be anyone to pick up on the symptom. >> court ordered some sort of mental health intervention in 2008 after he was arrested. that didn't happen, for whatever reason, he was on probation but didn't get the help. could that have made a big difference. >> absolutely, because there are laws in certain jurisdictions that require mandated treatments, and in which case he would have been carefully monitored and have been given the services he needed and this kind of thing could have potentially been prevented. >> lite talk . >> let's talk about the hostages. one gentleman talked about the heroing hours and thanks his friends for support. what happens to someone who's been through something like that. >> it can be difficult and depends on the individual but it would be a normal reaction to have things like sleeplessness, fear, jumpiness, from loud sounds and those kinds of
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symptoms even for several weeks to come. not everyone experiences that but it depends on the person but it would be normal reactions though. >> at one point would one of the individuals say maybe i should talk to somebody. >> after a week or so, if you're not feeling substantially better, if you feel like things are getting worse, or you start to become very depressed or feel an emotional numbing, that would be the time to seek out help. >> thank you for your insights on this and good advice there, thanks. thank you. throughout this day, we have been posting updates about today's hostage drama on and our facebook page. i'm in our weather center taking a look at some of the comments around the event. someone writes, it is sad, so senseless, but it seems steven nobles disagrees. not sad at all, he got what he deserves. another quote said, human babies are parasites, no one deserves to live, praise god the day care
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was evacuated. another writes, the company should invest in security to keep the workers safe. to read more and most your own comments, log onto tonight's other big story we have been tracking is hurricane earl. let's go to devin lucy with the storm's current tracks. the 11:00:00 update is now in. no changes. we have the hurricane warnings going on for the outer banks and tropical storm warnings for south carolina. and several beaches, including ocean city, and that tropical storm mainly from when this storm is expected to get here late overnight, thursday morning, and friday afternoon. washington d.c. will not see a whole lot out of the storm. wake-up weather time, a sunny start, temperatures into
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the 60s, 70s, 80s, another hot day in store. i've got your complete forecast, all you want to know about earl in the complete outlook when 9news at 11. violence at a game, major bench clearing brawl. right here in 16 minutes with that and more. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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>> new tonight, a mechanical problem for a train breaking down north of the new carrollton station. take a look at broke down, just 15 minutes after leaving union station. the repair men are working on the electric motor car to see if they can fix it. >> federal recommendations made after the fatal red line crash last year, $935 million, the most expensive change, $838 million to replace the old fleets. it would cost a measly $55 now. 9 people died, dozens were hurt when the train crashed last
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june. virginia and maryland governors declared states of emergency before hurricane earl. bruce la shan traveled to virginia beach where they're hoping for the best but prepping for the worst. >> reporter: the stage is set, the porta potties are out. this is supposed to be one of the busiest weekends of the year, but earl is knocking at the door, expecting hurricane force winds just about 10 miles south of here. here where i'm standing at virginia beach possibly tropical force winds and emergency managers are keeping an eye on scaffolding like this, wondering if they need to take down stages for the music fest because they don't want them to be javelins flying through the air. what are you going to do. >> ride it out. >> reporter: they're going to ride it out, but a lot of people are heading elsewhere.
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>> it's easy to minimize the fact you've got a big storm out there, and you think it's not going to hit and you've got plenty of time but the truth is, it's dangerous and it takes a lot of time to plan to get out. >> reporter: emergency managers are hoping that this storm will be out of here by late friday and that they will still have a spectacular weekend. bruce la shan, 9news now. the mayor of ocean city maryland is not anticipating any need for evacuation but he's holding out the possibility of putting restrictions in place this weekend of how far out folks can go in the water. >> we may restrict where you can go, how far out you can go in the surf depending upon the rip tides, may be restricted up to the knees only but i think you're safe to come ahead and travel and enjoy the ocean city beach this weekend. >> the mayor recommends to wait until after the worse of the storms has passed. >> you can download the
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hurricane tracker at, just click on the weather. >> devin's here. once it's out of here, we're hoping for a nice day. >> you're exactly right. as soon as even friday night, i think this thing is far east and north that we're looking clear. the entire labor day forecast is looking picture perfect, sacked with fall-like temperatures moving in, going to feel like the unofficial end of summer season like labor day weekend brings. lots to cover. i'm still going to stick with another hot day tomorrowment i've been debating this one, whether to go with cool temperatures trying to work themselves in, i don't see any reason why it won't be as hot tomorrow. maybe friday before a cool front passes. you'll notice a little bit of a breeze picking up. that will be the effects of earl, not much of a wind but a breeze. you'll feel it picking up. 78 degrees by the time saturday gets here. here's the picture i showed you
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before. the hurricane warnings for pretty much the carolina coast. south carolina tropical storm warnings, you go up to the dell marva. this is where it turns into a tropical storm warning. there's a little bit of a deviation farther to the west and maybe wind speeds pick up that might breach into maybe category 1 hurricane wind speeds but i don't think that will happen. shift on that small sliver that will happen, a hurricane watch in effect. this is thursday and friday. earl, look at this eye wall. that's perfectly defined. current winds # 140 miles per hour, strongest so far, and wind gusts beyond 160 miles per hour. that's kind of an eye wall showing a well defined hurricane, really compact and stout. that's the strong winds. here is our track. friday morning, what i was talking about along the carolina
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outer banks. good news, it's already going down to a category 3. just off the coast already weakening further. as it gets to washington here, already down to a category 2. that's why the biggest threat on the eastern shore is going to be from storm surge, maybe upwards of 2 to 3 feet and beach erosion will be a big problem but by the time friday evening rolls around at 11:00, storms in cape cod region, we're out of here free and clear, cold front shoots through, each a rip current threat is over and done. good labor day weekend popping up. speaking of our outlook, warm temperatures will be around tomorrow afternoon but they're the outer band starting to make their way through, at least the cloud cover in washington. i don't think we'll see the showers. this will be defined towards norfolk and washington city. this is 6:00 on friday.
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friday mid day we'll see the storm lifting up. atlantic city friday afternoon and friday evening it's out of here. this front, we have to watch may be sparking a shower but we know for sure that ushers in much better air once we get to saturday afternoon and evening in washington. 7-day forecast, altogether for us, 94 on friday before the front comes through and you'll feel the front pick up just a little bit and 80 degrees on sunday and a little more on labor day. hurricane earl, early friday morning, through friday afternoon, really just clouds and a brief picking up in d.c. is all we have to look out for. >> and a nice weekend after that. thanks . i thought baseball players couldn't fight at all, but apparently, some have the ability to get punched out. >> i've seen a million baseball
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fights and none get punched, until tonight. a knock-down drag out between the nats and marlinses, see what started it all. why albert haynesworth may be out for the opener.
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>> well, you probably know najer morgan is the national's center fielder. before he got into baseball, he was a top flight junior hockey player in canada, and if there's one thing hockey players never forget how to do is droupon the gloves. this game is out of hands early. he got touched up for 10 runs in the first two innings. things got really interesting in the 6th after that ball leaves the ball park.
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he separated his shoulder last night and gets ready to rumble and gets leveled by the first baseman. here we go, both bases and bullpens clear. three guys got evected. morgan's fired up and leaves in a tizzy. what a mess in florida. nats lose to the fish, 16-10. speaking of ejections, nationals broadcast fired today. he was suspended last week for comments he made questioning the toughness of stephen strasburg. today they made it permanent. ray knight will finish the season in dibble 's place. many of the first teamers will get the night off but albert haynesworth won't. a team source telling nfl network that haynesworth will play extensively tomorrow night, and if the coaches don't like what they see according to that same source, they may deactivate big al for the opener against
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the cowboys. haynesworth has just two tackles in this preseason. meanwhile, it looks like the team has made its third quarterback decision. the skins signer john beck to a two-year extension today. meaning richard bartle will play tomorrow and be dismissed. awkward for defensive back byron west brook. they were reporting all day they cut him but they didn't. at the us open today, keep an eye on the top of the screen, victoria asarenka collapsing in the middle of a point. before the match, she was jogging on a treadmill and she fell and hit her head. they looked at her, let her play the match anyway and later at the hospital after being wheeled off the court, they found out she had a concussion. she will be okay. you usually don't get concussions in tennis. >> got to go. we'll be back.
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>> interesting day, thanks for sharing it with us. >> that's right. we'll have more with you at 4:25 a.m. tomorrow morning on the after-math of the hostage situation. good night.
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